Didier Maghe has spent this last years breaking out from the norms and creating a name for himself that is like no other. He has developed from a first class painter into a first class interpreter of his own emotions full of suffering and internal anxiety.
‘Enter the Maghians’ (La plančte Maghe) is full of torment. The Maghians’ creator, intense and vital, reaches extremes with his particularly mutated expressionism. Maghe explores an intimacy that shatters all notions of limitation, and exposes his subjects, completely, to an all-encompassing scrutiny. The Maghians’pain and complacent suffering emerge from the ultimate ‘shock’ – the ‘face-to-face’ of the Earth-bound expressionist with the existence of his fantasist models – an existence that can only be described as one lived in a dimensionally-convoluted reality.


Nudes heavy with the weight of their own flesh and flaccid of its satiety in golden yellow and orange shades, hieratic Eves with generous thighs like tawnygoddesses of fertility, Maghians governed by the attribute they wear proudly erect above their pear-shaped heads in vivid colours, with crazed eyes.

Ulrich Alexis