Nudes heavy with the weight of their own flesh and flaccid of its satiety in golden yellow and orange shades, hieratic Eves with generous thighs like tawny goddesses of fertility, Maghians governed by the attribute they wear proudly erect above their pear-shaped heads in vivid colours, with crazed eyes.

                                               Morlanwelz, Hainaut, Belgique

Interview with Didier Maghe

What message(s) do you want to express through your work? There is an unappeased existential need, an obsession almost, that drives me beyond my own boundaries... Through the mysterious and erotically-flavoured world of the Maghians, I try to shed light on the complex relationship between man and woman.

By entering that odd universe, visitors discover – as opposed to man's sexual dependence - the role of the dominant and teasing mistress of the world. Most of the time, my models are quite normal. Some of them have sexual perversions, but those are not the majority. Anyway, once in the studio, the model – just like the painter - is laid bare. There's a total exchange of emotions. People confide in me for they feel I won't use the things they tell me to hurt them.

However, you do not emerge unscathed from that experience... I'm an upsetting person, but I don't want to hurt people. They may fall from great heights, but they fall on cushions.

Did the Internet enable you to find new exhibit places?

The virtual world of the Internet enables my Eves and Maghians to go on vacation abroad from time to time. Although they were all born in Belgium, they recently have had the opportunity to discover France (Lens, Troyes-Champagne and Corbigny-Bourgogne) and Holland (Uden and Amsterdam). Others have found a home for an unspecified time in Sion, Switzerland, where some of them have already found foster parents!

What have you gained by being on the Internet?

The presence of my huge family on the Internet enables each explorer to discover, through a mere mouse click, my imaginary "Planet" and to immediately enter that world full of emotions, populated with unusual creatures whose bodies express themselves with a sensuality carried to extremes.

Could you tell us the place you live/work in?

Every Eve and Maghian is born – and labour is not always easy! – in my studio in Morlanwelz, Belgium. They quickly feel themselves cramped for room between the paintings, pots and brushes. Furthermore, their natural curiosity and their huge thirst for freedom drive them into the outer world.

And to conclude?

I must admit I find them very obstinate and sometimes stifling with their exuberant nature. They are game for anything to make themselves known. But don't worry: in spite of their peculiar appearance, they are harmless and very gentle. I think they at least deserve that recognition!

 Words gathered in July 2003
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