EmergentArtistPromotions asbl - August 2002

From Flanders to Brussels Capital, Walloon Didier Maghe has spent the last three years breaking out from the norms and creating a name for himself that is like no other.  From classical expressionism to the new ‘Colourist-Expressionist’,  Didier Maghe arrives at the Decourtenay Galleries.
<> Emergent Artist Promotions has, for the first time, expanded their horizons beyond the mundane, worldly existence into a neighbouring reality with Maghe.  ‘Enter the Maghians’ (La plančte Maghe) is full of torment.  The Maghians’ creator, intense and vital, reaches extremes with his particularly mutated expressionism.
After adolescence full of art in Binche, Maghe left his calling until he was drawn, at thirty, back to his instinctive yearning.  Returning to the academy of art for advanced studies in Charleroi, his style emerged with vigour from its hibernation.  Maghe has developed from a first class painter into a first class interpreter of his own emotions; full of suffering and internal anxiety.  Known in Flanders as a ‘bringer of energy and light’, he attacks the senses with an all-encompassing anatomic framework.   His emotional nudes have no need to be sexual or even sensual.  But their tortured masses of bulging colour decry their fates in the “human” universe. 
Maghe explores an intimacy that shatters all notions of limitation, and bares his subjects, completely, to an all-encompassing scrutiny.  The Maghians’ pain and complacent suffering emerge from the ultimate ‘shock’ – the ‘face-to-face’ of the Earth-bound expressionist with the existence of his fantasist models – an existence that can only be described as ‘fantastic’ in his very special dimensionally-convoluted reality.