Anita Nardon Art critic -

DIDIER MAGHE  September 2005
(text corrected by Maghe Joseph USA)

He entered the artistic area going through numerous group shows that finally resulted in a discreet exhibition in Brussels in 2001.
 Didier Maghe (1959) is the creator of a new breed of people whose human characteristics are close to expressionism. They all seem to be coming from another planet, or maybe they are the symbol of this time, as overeating and obesity are now common phenomenon’s in various countries. It affects the possibility to think about humanity in general.
The artist has chosen his own way and goes on and on never looking at the mode phenomenon or the public changing choices.
His people known as "Maghians" have never changed and are still presenting a strong image of human characters.
 After some shows in various renowned galleries in Belgium, France and Germany, he is now back in Mons in the fall of 2005.
My impression is that he is slowly changing from painting to sculpture. 
This is somewhere of a risky change, but I am sure that Didier Maghe can accomplish it.

September 2005 - Espac’Art gallery - Mons Belgium

Anita Nardon Art critic -


Didier Maghe (1959) studied in the Art Schools of Binche and Charleroi but his style is closer to the one of the famous School of Mons. This movement generated some thirty years ago some expressionist groups exhibiting around Europe as Maka, Art Cru or the Sabbatical body. Years later, Maghe follows the same line. He took part to various group shows since 1966, too many as regards the general quality; besides this he held individual exhibitions. His style is on line with the most rigorous expressionism, in no way is he trying to please the spectator. His energy is in the image of the bodies he shows, women included, no beauty, no appeal. Each of the human represented are distorted, not monsters but quite near and they look at the visitor in a sort of insinuation. From amber to flashing yellow, all the lunar hues are present with some spots of blue or green. As the "portraits" look like each other, they create a clan called the "Maghians". They eat too much or not enough but their way of life is never in the right line, are they announcing another generation? The artist has a solid mode of brushing just to tell us "our time needs love", as Antoon Mortier, another expressionist, already told in 1960.

May 2002 – Acheroon Gallery  -  Lubbeek